Coffee cups made from used coffee grounds!

German designer Julian Lechner spent the past five years developing a way to repurpose used coffee grounds into a hard material with which cups and saucers and other important coffee accessories may be made. It’s like adding another point in the circle of life of a coffee seed.

Lechner gathered used coffee grounds from various Berlin cafes to combine with natural fibers to create preliminary models of espresso cups and their associated saucers. Lechner calls the line Kaffeform and although the wares are not yet available for purchase, they will be soon. And, they’ll be dishwasher safe!

Kaffeform cupQuoted from the web site:

“To demonstrate the boundless possibilities of this new material, the designers produced Kaffeeform coffee cups – cups themselves made out of used coffee! Kaffeeform products have a number of notable characteristics: the surface of Kaffeeform has the appearance of dark marblewood and is unique to each piece, the smell of coffee is retained in the finished pieces and they are lightweight, washable and durable and so ideal for repeated coffee consumption.

Watch the site at for updates!