Clutch Coffee Roasters is in the 2016 Willamette Week Give!Guide!

Willamette Week Give Guide

Willamette Week’s Give!Guide is Portland’s easiest path to year-end giving. G!G showcases small, medium and large non-profit organizations whose missions fall into eight categories: Animals, Civil & Human Rights, Community, Creative Expression Education, Environment, Health and Human Services.

Many of the non-profit organizations in G!G offer incentives for giving. Basically, donate money via G!G and get a gift in return!

Clutch has been supporting Portland non-profits Transition Projects and Oregon Humane Society since our inception. This year, we’ve taken it a step further and are offering G!G incentive gifts for donations to both organizations.

The first ten people donating $250-999 to Transition Projects will receive their choice of a Clutch Coffee gift. Ten G!G donors of $50 or more to Oregon Humane Society will be chosen at random to receive a gift. What gifts, you ask?

Clutch Coffee Mug Give!Guide GiftClutch Coffee Roasters is donating bags of whole bean coffee, jars of our new coffee barbecue sauce, jars of our new coffee spice blend, and logo coffee cups!

Read more about Transition Projects here. Read more about Oregon Humane Society here.

From the G!G web site: The original intent of WW’s Give!Guide was to hook young readers on the year-end giving habit. Today, readers 35 and under provide 30% of the donations. G!G also honors four Portlanders 35 and under who do fabulous work for local nonprofits by awarding them the Skidmore Prize. Winners must work at a local nonprofit, be 35 and under, work 32 hours a week or more, and make $40,000 a year or less.

In twelve years, G!G has raised over $16 million for hundreds of local nonprofits. Last year, WW readers gave over $3.5 million to 143 Portland organizations and the Oregon Cultural Trust.