3 Flavors of Cold Brewed Coffee

3 Flavors of Cold Brewed Coffee

Cold brewed coffee is hot this year. And now Clutch has 3 flavors.

There are more companies getting into the market and more bottled and canned coffee beverages on the retail shelf than ever. That includes Clutch Coffee Roasters.

We developed our cold brew back in November and began to find ready and eager customers at pubs and bottle shops almost immediately. Those pubs that already had a cold brew had chosen their supplier simply by whatever one of the beer distributors had on offer. Then we walked in, stated our case, and left a sample of Clutch. Our pitch was simple: Try ours. If you like it better then we look forward to having your business.

We got the account 4 out of 5 times. There are now 22 places in the Portland area that you can buy Clutch Cold Brew.

Simply put, customers like our product better than most of the others available. It’s smoother, easier to drink, and doesn’t have that harsh edge that so many of the others have. If you find yourself reaching for creamer and/or sugar almost every time you have a cold brewed coffee then you may want to try Clutch—it’s mellower, smoother flavor tastes great without anything added.

And now we have 3 flavors of cold brewed coffee! In addition to Clutch Original we have Clutch Maple Cold Brewed Coffee and Clutch Spiced Cold Brewed Coffee.

Clutch Maple is lightly sweetened with pure, grade-A maple syrup. There’s just a hint of maple flavor and sweetness in each bottle. Clutch Spiced is infused with a selection of chai-like spices and then sweetened with pure, grade-A maple syrup; This time a little sweeter. If you’re a fan of flavored lattes then Clutch Spiced Cold Brewed Coffee will be your new jam. Seriously.

If your favorite pub, bottle shop, or neighborhood market doesn’t offer Clutch Cold Brewed Coffee then tell us. We’ll stop by, offer a sample, and make our simple pitch: If you like Clutch better then we look forward to having your business.

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