• To come through at the decisive moment.
  • To seize or hold tightly.
  • To spellbind or hold a person’s attention.
  • A device that enables two revolving shafts to be joined or disconnected as required, especially one that transmits the drive from an engine to a gearbox in a vehicle.
  • A fastener or clasp to hold something closed.
  • A group of similar items, animals, or persons.
  • Dependable in crucial situations.


  • A beverage consisting of an infusion of the roasted ground seeds of the fruit of certain coffee trees, especially Coffea Arabica.
  • The beanlike seeds of the tree.
  • A social gathering at which coffee and other refreshments are served.
  • Espresso. Java. Caffeine.

Clutch Coffee.

  • Approachable and delicious.
  • Without overly roasted, burnt, or bitter flavors.
  • Premium, small-batch roasted by hand in Portland, Oregon.
  • Dependable in crucial situations, we always come through for you at the decisive moment.

Last year, Clutch Coffee donated over 300 pounds of coffee to homeless shelters and housing in the Portland, Oregon area. At the current pace of donations this year, we will donate over 600 pounds.