Coffee Soda Pop


Original Flavor
Available for local Portland-area delivery only
Multiples of 6 bottles, 12-ounces per bottle

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Coffee. Sweetness. Spices. Bubbles.

Yes, that’s a thing! We took our (nearly) world famous cold brewed coffee, sweetened it with agave syrup and pure cane sugar, flavored it with organic spice extracts, and then carbonated it just like a soda.

The result is amazing and delicious! At 90 calories per 12-ounce bottle it’s not too sweet but sweet enough that you know it’s a soda pop. The coffee flavor comes right through but isn’t overpowering. And, the spice extracts add a hint of background flavor that make it unique and fun. Speaking of fun…

Clutch Coffee Soda Pop makes great cocktails and ice cream floats! It’s also great for sipping, but we think it really shines when mixed with other good things. Think bourbon and orange bitters, a riff on a White Russian, or mixed with spiced rum and a lime twist. Let your imagination go and you can come up with all kinds of great combinations! And for ice cream floats, don’t just stick with vanilla—coffee ice cream is a natural, of course!

Currently available in Original Flavor, we are working hard on new flavors right now. See the Where’s Clutch page for locations and availability! Also available online here in six-packs for local, Portland-area delivery.