Bottled Cold Brewed Coffee

When everybody who tastes it says it’s the best they’ve ever had, you gotta wonder…

What’s in this stuff? Scroll down to find out!

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Clutch Coffee = Cold Brew = Awesome. And 3 Flavors.

It’s coffee and water. Seriously, that’s it. Basically, the same as other bottled cold brews. And yet, it isn’t.

It’s smoother, richer, and easier to drink. Most cold brewed coffee has an edge. If you like that edge, then groovy. But, we found that most people don’t. They like smooth and easy drinking. That’s Clutch Coffee Roasters’ Bottled Cold-Brewed Coffee.

Our bottled cold brew is unfiltered for full body and flavor. It’s bottled less than 18 hours after the beginning of the cold brewing process. It isn’t made by watering down concentrate. It’s unpasteurized, unadulterated (fancy word for “nothing added”), kept continuously chilled, and tastes awesome.

Clutch Cold Brewed Coffee comes in 3 flavors: Original, Maple (with a hint of pure, grade-A maple syrup), and Spiced (think chai spices, sweetened with maple syrup).

Drink it on ice, with milk or cream, or mix it into a cocktail. You’ll be glad you did.