Coffee And Wine: What You Like In One Reveals What You Like In the Other

Coffee And Wine

By Tufayel Ahmen, Published on
Originally titled “What Wine Goes With Your Coffee Order?”

It can be overwhelming to decide which wine is for you when confronted with multiple shelves of reds, whites, rosés and sparkling varieties from all corners of the world at your local shop. What if you could pick the perfect wine for your palate based entirely on your coffee order?

Wine expert and former wine merchant Joe Fattorini reveals to Newsweek the most enjoyable wines for lovers of Americanos, lattes and more. He has been using his coffee taste test for several years, once convincing a friend who said she “only drinks Sprite” to put down the soda and relish a glass of Riesling instead.

Fattorini says the link between taste in coffee and wine stems from the number of taste buds we have, and from individual tolerance to bitter flavors. “Some of us have very few taste buds, about 2,000 of them,” says the wine connoisseur. “Some people have what we call hypersensitive taste buds—about 8,000 of them.”

Tolerant tasters, who have fewer taste buds, “need very loud drinks to excite them,” while hypersensitive tasters want “a quiet, gentle wine which, to them, feels balanced. They find big, powerful wines overwhelming because the volume is turned really high.”

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