Recipe: How To Use Coffee Rubs And Seasonings

Clutch Coffee Roasters Coffee Spice Rub and Coffee Herb Rub add the delicious, warming taste of coffee to your favorite foods.

A “Rub” or “Dry Rub” is a mixture of spices, herbs, salts, and/or other dry flavorings, combined to produce a mixture to be applied to food to enhance and/or spice it up.

How to apply Rubs to your food:

  • Pat meat or fish dry (for whole poultry dry inside and out) before applying the Rub.
  • Sprinkle a generous spoonful onto the meat and firmly rub each side with the rub (sprinkle inside and rub the outside for poultry).
  • Tip: Before you start, you can mist a little vegetable or olive oil onto your fish/meat and then apply your rub. This will help it stick. You want to make sure that you cover both sides of the fish or meat to lock in your seasoningsLeave for 10 to 15 minutes or even longer, before cooking.
  • Brush off any surplus ‘rub’ prior to grilling or roasting.

Different rubs are generally applicable to particular types of meat, but not exclusively. We all have different taste preferences, so you may prefer to use the Coffee Spice Rub on beef, pork, or chicken.

Leave it in the fridge overnight to soak up the flavor!
If you would like to intensify the flavor then place the rubbed meat or fish in a plastic bag and leave in the fridge overnight for cooking the following day.

Freezing ‘rubbed’ food:
You can also freeze rubbed food, providing you adhere to any food warnings that would normally apply to safely freezing food in general.

Turn a dry rub into a wet or sticky rub:
Mix the rubs with olive oil, yoghurt, softened butter, even honey, to convert into a ‘wet’ or ‘sticky’ rub to apply on to the meat or fish you’re preparing. This will allow you to apply a thicker layer of seasoning, which will turn into a nice, flavorful crust when cooked.

Poultry skin on off?
If you’re cooking anything with a skin, such as chicken, then you may wish to leave the skin on. If so try to ensure that you get the rub underneath the skin as far as possible as the skin can provide a barrier to the full infusion of the rub into the meat.

Don’t forget the veggies!
Try sprinkling rubs over roasted vegetables and other accompaniments. Or, try making the Coffee Maple Syrup Glaze recipe on our web site!

Shake it up!
An alternative method of applying the rubs is to put the meat or fish in a food-safe plastic bag with the rub and shake the contents until the meat has an overall coating. This can be particularly effective when using medallions of meat or fish that has been cut into smaller pieces. If the rub isn’t sticking well then add a touch of olive oil.