These $400 Vegan Shoes Are Made Of Coffee

Coffee Vegan Shoes

First off, yes, there is such a thing as vegan footwear. If this seems odd to you, just spend a minute thinking about it and you’ll see why it is important to some people.

Okay, lets get underway.

As quoted from our friends at Sprudge:

“…a sixth generation shoemaker “from one of the oldest shoe-dynasties in Europe”—is using only eco-friendly, 100% vegan components; along with the reused coffee, the shoe incorporates recycled PET bottles, cork insoles, glue “free from animal products,” real rubber, and “signature reflective glass details.” The unisex Coffee Line comes in both low- and high-top versions, both with just a faint smell of coffee. Finally, shoes you don’t have to worry about spilling coffee on (I think it only makes them stronger)!”

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